Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Grinding through...

So it has been a month since the last post and a lot has been going on since!

It has literally all been a case of both Philip and I grinding through the huge list of things that need to be done, but as each day goes past we can feel we're getting closer to the end (which is only the beginning!)

Drawing to the end few entries on the list of buildings to be modelled, textured, rendered, composited and then all the shadow passes it's feeling good to see how its all coming together. In these pictures below you can see how they will look in-game and with their respective shadow passes. Each building has 16 angles and 16 different shadows.

All of these buildings are 'active' buildings and are available to be used by the player in-game. Almost all of them have a strategic advantage and most of the gameplay focuses on securing specific buildings in the hope of gaining an upper hand on the opponent. In future posts I'm sure I will go into further detail about how each one is used and effects the player's choices and in fact tell you a little more about the gameplay.

We are all set for a deadline in May. If we keep on with the speed we are doing at the moment, I'm sure we may be ahead of schedule. When May time comes around, we'll be spreading the word. Forums, Internet communities and other such wondrous and scary things that lurk around the darkened corners of the internet...

If by any chance you are reading this before May, then please leave a message! : D

Until next time.. Perhaps not a month this time,
Jack Bromhead

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