Saturday, 14 January 2012

Occlusion Layers just made my life.

So here we are, two weeks into full development and now I have started cracking out the old Occlusion passes and it's rocked my world. I have been playing round with all sorts of different lighting and lighting effects and various post-production ammendments in Photoshop but it has nothing of an effect like an Occlusion pass!

Here are a few images to help you really understand the difference. The definitions that the Occlusion layer gives means that I can do a lot of Colour Correction without worrying about over-adjusting the shadows and creating washed out renders.

Those two are Occlusion layers of two separate buildings - (Left) General Store and (Right) Saloon.

In Photoshop I then load up the original render that was rendered in full texture, full colour and with HDRI lighting.

I then add another layer on top, paste over the Occlusion layer and then change the Blending mode to Overlay. The white goes and the black stays - meaning Shadows!

The definition is gives really, really makes the difference, and it's taking these models from works in progress to the finished article.

Next on the list is to build the camera rig and sooner rather than later we can start developing a little preview -  and start getting some more followers.

Until next time, my few readers!
Jack Bromhead

Monday, 9 January 2012

The Beginnings of Something Big

Well, I'm hoping the title says it all. As of about a week ago, The Lawless Online has taken a massive step in the right direction after finally acquiring a new, lead Programmer for the project! His name is Philip Roozendal and hopefully you'll be seeing some posts from him in the near future! Momentous occasion!

Interesting, I met Philip via Newgrounds.. I place that never ceases to help me out all the time! Philip was posting on the forums looking for some programming work that he can get stuck into. Sound like a man with experience so I contacted him straight away. After a few e-mails it was clear to see that this was the man for the job! We had a meeting via Skype and now the project is well under-way.

It's not only the best step forward, its also a massive source of inspiration for myself and given me the motivation to get on with all the buildings.

Hopefully the next update will be from Philip!

Until next time,
Jack Bromhead