Monday, 13 August 2012

The Lawless Funding Press Release

The Lawless Online less than 1 month from completing funding campaign

The Lawless Online has only a month left to try and raise enough funds to complete development on their free, multiplayer-only Role Playing Strategy game set in the Old West due to be released in Spring 2013.

 The game has generated $3000 of a $9000 target goal with just under a month left to go on IndieGoGo, a crowd-funding website where people contribute small amounts for rewards and one-time only opportunities to get involved with the development from the beginning.

The team behind The Lawless Online are half way through development on a role-playing strategy game based in the turbulent and violent towns of the Old West, but the final $9000 funding goal is needed in order to complete the web systems, outsourced development and help with initial hosting costs. The team aim to produce a “fun, free and deep Role-Playing Strategy game that will be free from micro-transactions, subscriptions fees and paid DLC and accessible to everyone, for free - forever. “

The game itself combines elements from classic Role Playing Games like Diablo with the tactical strategy elements from games such as Company of Heroes, using a combination of online character development tools and a downloadable game client. They hope to release the game on their own, free platform accessible to anyone with a PC or Mac to avoid creative restrictions from publishers and external investors.

The funding campaign is active right now and can be found at, and claim some perks like getting your face in the game!

Monday, 6 August 2012

Dev Diary #4 - Marketing? Whaaaaaaa

Hello readers of blogtown.

So we've got to $1,633 as of this point (18:00 on Monday 6th August) which is, again, absolutely fantastic. It's a real credit to the wonderful people that we have around us that have and are supporting us on this huge project!

The only issue we're facing right now is that that faces almost all crowd-funded projects.. How to get it out to the masses? Well this is something we have all been pondering ever since we thought of crowdfunding. We have had a number of ideas and some of them have worked and something haven't worked but right now it's push time.

Fortunately, a Dutch newspaper is interested in doing a story on The Lawless Online and our development, although confirmation and further details will have to come in the next few days :)

This has inspired us to write to a number of different newspapers in the local area as well as the BBC local sites to see if they'll feature us at some point.

We have also produced a mid-development business card as displayed below:

It was done so that I had all the necessary links in one place. It was hard speaking to someone who was interested in the project and just hoping they would remember the addresses.

Tomorrow morning I will also venture into town and hopefully speak with a number of managers in particular video game shops such as... well... one of the only ones - GAME, and see if they would be interested in striking a deal. For every purchase, they hand them a lawless card and say about the rewards on offer, and if they leave a comment / contribute and mention that they heard about this from GAME, then I will send them a free, special edition wallpaper (with a little credit to GAME somewhere on it).

I'm pretty sure they won't do it... But they should. It's win win for both of us. It costs them nothing but they look like they're "cool" and "supporting indie studios" plus they get a bit of free advertising... It's just good business?

Either way, we're doing it! Nothing to lose!

So to make the cards seem a little more appealing I got on my way producing a card holder!

I first started with a large slap of 5mm thick foamboard. This stuff is amazing. You can get it in a number of art shops as well as online. It is a thick, extremely lightweight board that is very easy to build things out of.
Using spray mount I stuff the graphic to a chunk of the foam board.

I had also printed out a back graphic that I could stick onto the back of the foam board and cut it all to size!

Then I got some no nails glue from Wilkinsons and stuck a plastic card holder onto the frame. 

Ta da! And here we have the final product (yaaayy):

I will post another blog update soon to see if it worked.... Or not....

But until then please keep commenting and contributing to our IndieGoGo project page! :)

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Dev Diary #3 - $1000 Checkpoint

It's the very start of August and it's around this time that The Lawless Online has been in development for around a year. Sort of. I think.

As far as I'm concerned, I have been developing The Lawless Online for a year, and full production with Philip has been going for around 6 or 7 months (again, I'm not sure) - but it has been epic!

This 45 day period in The Lawless' development is actually one of the most important time we've had and probably one of the most important we'll ever have. Being on the crowdfunding website -, is our first major public 'release'. Although there is not a software release, it's the first time everything has been open and introduced to an international audience.

We are about a sixth of our way to our $9000 target and our hopes are high. Rockin' on $1,362 is awesome and can only get more awesome(erer). Thanks to all of you lovely kittens that have contributed, commented, liked, shared and talked about The Lawless Online.

If you haven't check out our IndieGoGo project page recently and haven't seen this little video on a part of our development then feel free to take a look!