Thursday, 15 December 2011

Music and Turnaround

The most witty and inventive of titles? Perhaps not, but at least it quickly gets to the point.

Recently I have been speaking with a Music Tech graduate called Joseph Burns. He has been working to produce a really authentic sound for The Lawless Online and hopefully in the near future I can throw a sneak-peak track on here for you all to see.

Along with the new music, work has started on the new promotional trailer which should generate a bit more of a following and hopefully get the word out about The Lawless Online and let people know that we're looking for a programmer! Will also help to build substance for funding application video that we can put up onto or any other of those funding websites which should be fun.

The modelling side of things has had to be on hold for a little while. But I have made a turn-a-round of a FINISHED model. One which you may recognise or notice from an earlier post.

The music featured in that turnaround is an early drums test from Joseph Burns. I thought it worked quite well in the turnaround, so enjoy. Next post will be featuring shots and a sneak peak of the promotional trailer. Hope to see some new faces next time I post..... Perhaps!

Jack Bromhead,
The Lawless Online

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