Monday, 3 October 2011

Progress and Roadtrip!

So the first post after my return from Greece, and along with it are some pictures of some assets but before I continue onto the WIP shots, I'll mention the journey I will be about to embark on tomorrow!

My two friends Pither and Michael Gray are heading off to a selection of universities in the nearby area. The establishments on the action plan are Reading University, Southampton, Southampton Solent, Portsmouth and Surrey university.. And if we're ahead of schedule we may drop by Bournemouth university.

After several failed attempts at contact with Course and Module leaders of Computer Science / Games technology courses to find some talented coders, I decided that I might as well attempt a rock'n'roll offensive and just rock up to the universities and put up the advertisements and speak to the students myself. I hope it works... If not, it will be a fun day out at least. If you are one of those students I spoke to and you followed us onto this blog then welcome! Get in contact!

The first of the set of WIP pictures are of the un-textured models of some of the weapons featured in the game. In this render you can see the Single Action Army revolver, the Schofield revolver, Winchester rifle and the Double Barrelled shotgun. When I get round to it, I will upload textured pictures.

That's it for now! Another post will be up tomorrow evening with some pictures and news on the roadtrip!

Director/Art Director

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