Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Programmers Wanted!

Hello again, two posts one day. Nice.

The team at The Lawless Online are looking for a dedicated programmer to join. We're looking for a dedicated, enthusiastic, team-player programmer who would like to work on an exciting new project, The Lawless Online.

This position will be responsible for working on the game engine itself, building a modular-structured strategy game engine from the ground up. The programmer in this position must be able to swim when thrown in the deep-end (figuratively... Maybe) and can communicate well with other team members, as they will be working closely with the Art team and the Web Developers.

If you have:

- Strong Java coding skills
- Passion for games
- Strong set of previous examples of work (professional or hobbyist)

Advantageous skills:

- Knowledge of SQL/noSQL
- Web development
- Previous experience

Anyway, if you think you might have the skills to join up. E-mail me, Jack, at jack@thelawlessonline.com and we will discuss the project in more detail.

Jack Bromhead
Director / Art Director

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